Pricing Table

Not Any Hidden Charge
No Contract



  • 25 Mbps Internet Speed
  • Unlimited Data Usage
  • Downloading music
  • Downloading HD movies
  • Streaming videos
  • Gaming at fast speeds



  • 50 Mbps Internet Speed
  • Unlimited Data Usage
  • Seamless speed on multiple devices
  • Download multiple HD movies
  • Streaming videos
  • Gaming at fast speeds



  • 100 Mbps Internet Speed
  • Unlimited Data Usage
  • Includes Equipment Rental
  • Up to 2 Free Add-ons including:
  • Managed WiFi
  • SMB Support
  • No Hidden Fees. No Contracts

Internet Services

Rise Broadband offers stable home WiFi services to households. If you are a fan of movies, online gaming or want to stream your favourite music, Rise broadband connects your home to unlimited stable internet. With the high-speed Rise broadband Internet services, users can connect multiple devices to stream movies and shows.

100% Guarantee Services

Flexible Packages

Dedicated Support Team

The Rise Broadband Fiber

Rise Fiber Available at 1000 Mbps.

The Rise Broadband fiber is an option for those who do not want to install the dish an internet dish in their homes or offices. The Rise fiber has the highest speed that suits the needs of every customer. The Rise fiber is available at 1000 Mbps. This not only has incredible speed but also supports anything that one would want to do in the internet space. As such, users can not only download high-definition videos but also play all types of online games. However, Rise fiber users can connect multiple devices including smart TVs, Tablets and phones. In that regard, those who want to work or learn from home can enjoy stable and fast internet thanks to Rise fiber.


What Kind of Services
Rise Broadband Offering

Residential Internet

High Speed Internet up to 50 Mbps.

The Rise Fiber

Enjoy Speed up to 1000 Mbps in Selected Areas.

Digital Phone

Unlimited Domestic And International Long Distance

Business Internet

Unlimited Data Usage Includes equipment rental

Great Facts

Qualities of The Rise Broadband Internet Services


The Rise Broadband internet services feature high-speed internet services. Besides unlimited internet connection, the Rise broadband internet service suits every location. This makes it one of the most reliable and efficient internet services compared to any other standard internet service provider. Aside from Wi-Fi, the rise broadband internet service is available at a high speed of up to 100mbps.


One of the key benefits of installing a rise broadband internet is that it eliminates the complex paperwork associated with other standard internet service providers. You can get high-speed internet of up to 50 Mbps at as low as $10 per month. Unlimited data not only saves you from extra data charges but also allows you to enjoy cheap internet calls across multiple locations in the US. Additionally, you can leverage the broadband digital phone at only $20 to enjoy cheap calls.

Discounted Offers

New users can enjoy 50% discount on their first installation through Rise Broadband, Save more on bundle with TV through Streaming Services.

iMeet Conferencing

The i-meet conferencing is a great online tool that you can use to collaborate with your team remotely. The video conferencing solution offers an opportunity for business owners and individuals to host online meetings through quality HD video features. The features are designed to support all types of online meetings. Some of the key features that users enjoy include screen sharing. Furthermore, guests can easily share presentations, videos, files, and much more. Additionally, instead of saving meetings, users can record, save and share the meetings with other members who may have not been able to attend the meeting. The unique feature of the service is that it lets users dial members or guests without having to remember passcodes. You can easily join a meeting by going through a few taps on your mobile or desktop device.

Best Solutions

Cost-effective internet Connection

Stream Videos and Music

The Rise broadband internet package comes with an unlimited package. This lets users stream music and watch their favourite movies online without worrying about the cost. Once you install the internet in your office and home, all you need is to pay a monthly fee of as low as £10 to enjoy the internet.

Stable Internet Connection

Unlike standard internet service providers that may not be accessible in some areas, Rise broadband is set to suit every location. Once you install it, you will be able to enjoy a stable internet connection specific to your location. Therefore if you are looking for stable, fast, and unlimited internet for your business or home, you can count on the rise of broadband internet products. The internet is not only cheap but also stable and reliable.

Connect Multiple Devices

The in-home Wi-Fi lets you connect multiple devices and enjoy uninterrupted internet usage. For instance, if you have multiple devices at home, you can stream your videos, make calls across various regions and enjoy playing your favourite games without worrying about when the internet will deplete. With the unlimited package, you can rest assured to enjoy a low-cost and flawless browsing experience in both remote and urban setups.

Rise Broadband Digital Phone

Rise Broadband Digital phone is another amazing product that users enjoy. You can save on the cost of making both local and international calls thanks to the Rise Broadbands Digital phone. The phone features a web-based administration tool that lets users view previous calls, configure service options to meet specific needs, and find a lost phone number. Furthermore, the Rise Broadband digital phone lets users make calls to over 64 countries and cell phones in over 13 countries at no extra cost. Therefore, if you are grappling with the high cost of domestic and international calls, then this product is a perfect option.

Rise Broadband (Authorized Dealer)

Rise Broadband Products

Internet For Business!

With most businesses now relying on the internet to promote products and services online, installing a stable internet is critical for growth. As such, Rise broadband powers your business with the high-speed internet that you require to help your business thrive. With Rise broadband, you will be able to stay online even when other service providers experience problems with their internet. This is because the internet is installed as per the signals at your location.This guarantees a stable internet connection regardless of your location.

Telephone Services!

One of the key services offered by Rise Broadband is Telephone services. The Rise Broadband phone service powers high-speed internet-connected calls. A broadband phone uses the same IP network as your internet service. While the quality of broadband internet-supported calls varies depending on the location, you can rest assured to enjoy high-quality voice calls throughout various seasons. Furthermore, the rise of broadband phones not only helps in cutting the cost of making calls but also allows you to make calls to friends and relatives across 64 countries worldwide.

Residential Internet Services!

Rise broadband provides high-speed internet services to businesses and households. The Internet service provider offers multiple Internet and phone services that suit the needs of every user. If you are a heavy internet user looking for efficient and high-speed internet, then Rise Broadband is a perfect option. Today, Rise broadband is ranked among the most reliable internet service providers in the United States. The Internet provider not only offers a stable Wi-Fi package but also unlimited data options. Besides offering fiber internet services across some states.

Frequently Asked Questions.

  • What's the cost of High-Speed rise Broadband Internet?

    As low as $ 10. However, the pricing is dependent on other factors including Telephone service.

  • How long do I have to wait to be connected?

    You can be connected as soon as you make a request. However, other factors that determine how soon you can be connected include location. Unlike other internet service providers, you do not have to sign a contract with us to be connected. This eliminates delays in the connection process.

  • Do you offer fiber internet services?

    Yes, The Rise fiber comes in various packages to suit the needs of every user. Infect if you are looking for stable and fast internet then Rise fiber is a perfect option.

  • Between fiber and Rise broadband internet dish service, which is cheaper?

    If you are looking for cheap then rise broadband dish option is better. However, if you have enough budget you can opt for Rise fiber. The fiber is available for residential between $60 -$100.The good news is that all the packages include an unlimited package.

  • Can I stream music and watch Tv through the Rise broadband internet?

    Yes, the Rise broadband internet comes with unlimited internet. This lets you watch movies and listen to your favourite music online without worrying about the cost.

  • What makes Rise broadband internet unique compared to other Internet providers?

    The unique feature of broadband internet is that it suits every location including remote places where traditional internet service providers cannot reach. For example, once you install the dish, you will be able to enjoy stable internet in any location. This is contrary to other internet providers that may not be available in some locations. Infect the idea behind Broadband internet is to provide fast and stable internet in remote locations.

  • Does Rise broadband come with Telephone services?

    Yes, Rise broadband comes with Telephone lines. Depending on the type of package you choose, you can enjoy cheap calls across various regions and save on call minutes through the rise broadband Telephone service package.

  • Which is the best internet package?

    All our packages are good. However, the choice of the package depends on what you want to use it for. For instance, you can either go for either a small business or the Enterprise package. While the small business comes with two lines, the enterprise comes with three lines and serves over 10 people. However, you can add unlimited data at similar to residential packages, the business package features both enterprise and small business.

  • What's the cost of Rise fiber?

    The Rise fiber comes in 3 packages.100Mbps,250 Mbps, and 1000 Mbps. This will cost you $60, $70, and $100 per month.

  • Are all Rise fiber packages unlimited?

    Yes, all rise fiber packages are unlimited. This means once you subscribe, you use it throughout the month without restriction

  • Do I need to sign a contract to access rise fiber internet?

    No. You don't have to sign any contract to access any of the rise fiber internet packages.